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About this collection:

I am delighted to be exhibiting in Cornwall for the first time. It is a very special place to me as it is where I was born, so I naturally have a strong bond here.

Creating this group of paintings for the Padstow Gallery, especially after experiencing lockdown, has made me very aware of groups and spaces. Although not a conscious decision I have found through my still life paintings that the compositions have become increasingly about groups and clusters of objects, often overlapping with differing negative spaces.

All of the objects involve a personal connection, or are placed there for a particular quality, maybe shape or colour. I apply many layers of paint, and as these are created, etched lines and marks or patterns are added or scraped away to reveal previous colours and textures. Sometimes I work quickly and spontaneously, and at other times with a more deliberate and contemplative approach.

My work explores that imagined boundary between figurative and almost abstract, with an emphasis on the physicality of paint, which constantly excites me. The more muted colours, for me, help to enhance the textures and shapes that may have been rearranged on the canvas until they occupy a space that connects with me.

Influences abound from everyday objects, tables set up or left uncleared, kitchen paraphernalia and my studio filled with natural objects and all manner of vessels. The coastal environment is also key to my interests, especially weather beaten and aged textures surfaces, beautifully worn by the elements.

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