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'Where I Want To Be' by Saul Cathcart

"As a plein air painter, I love the feeling of being in open space, however this painting process has recently changed for me. My interest has shifted to finding a place where I feel my best, not necessarily one with the best view. Before it was always the distance that took my attention, but now my immediate space is equally as important. If I feel my best, I will paint my best. If I feel emotion, I will paint with passion." Saul Cathcart 2020

Explore Saul's new series in this tour.

'The Restless Seas', a joint exhibition by fine artist, Paul Bennett and ceramicist, Alex McCarthy.

‘Discovering Horizons’ by Alex Yarlett
And we are open! Just in time to celebrate the launch of ‘Discovering Horizons’ a solo exhibition by Alex Yarlett.
The vast majority of these works were created throughout the out-pour of news and national grief in response to the Global Covid-19 pandemic. Alex used his breadth of sketchbook work, paintings en plein air and notes from his time spent on the cliff tops in the days and weeks before the lock-down to inform this body of work. These paintings represent the 'horizons’ he 'discovered' in seeking to focus on the beauty we can encounter in the world around us when we take a moment to breathe it in. During these trying times, Alex has found that the calm and encompassing nature of the sea was a source of great optimism and faith. Alex hopes that this ‘Discovering Horizons’ series of paintings expresses this sentiment

June Virtual tour update Exhibition
The launch of our second virtual tour, ‘After the Rain’ by Imogen Bone. This collection emerged from the pockets of sunshine that punctuated the long Cornish winter. “It was a case of dashing out between storms and missioning it up to the north coast for a bracing walk and sketch. In the low sun of winter, the shadows are long, deep and abundant on the north, I sat squinting in the sun trying to see into their depths. My sketch paper frantically trying to escape me to ride the relentless wind as I scribble a few marks to commit the place to memory.” IB