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Originally from Scotland, Imogen Bone moved to Cornwall to study Illustration, followed by a Masters Degree in Art and The Environment at Falmouth College of arts. Aside from travelling to document the world around her, Imogen has settled here and made Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly her home ever since.

Using acrylic and oil paint, Imogen has quickly made her mark as an artist who uses colour and texture to define her work,

"The world I see is a balance of marks and hues. Sometimes a blur of colour is just enough to capture something, other times I need to work away in layers of patterns so the details of the image emerge."

As well as creating to encourage appreciation, and to capture the beauty of our surroundings, Imogen’s work also serves as a portrayal of how our environment is changing.

"As artists we have the ability to communicate and document that change. This puts us in the unique position to offer translation and project restorative solutions and ideas. Overall, visual communication drives my work, whether that is to capture a moment or help explain or to instigate action."