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Claire Henley

The Platt, Port Isaac

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Image size: TBC
Framed size: w 40cm x h 55 x d 2 cm, slim line white wash deep wooden frame
Medium: Mixed media on board

I’ve been to Port Isaac more times than I can remember.  We used to stay in one of the old fish cellars in Port Gaverne out of season in January or February. Exploring at that time of year was magical, with low light and deep shadows. 

The foggy walk in the dark to have dinner in Port Isaac was incredibly atmospheric and once we were all called out of the pub to see a tiny seal cub that had been washed up and was off to be cared for at the sanctuary at Gweek. The houses, pub and sheds by the Platt are some of the most beautiful and unspoiled buildings I’ve seen anywhere and I find myself painting them often.

While in Port Isaac I rediscovered Port Quin. First encountered when I was a child - when the ruined cottages were more evident - it now has a quiet and ordered simplicity, but with a special atmosphere.