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About Karen

Born and bred in Cornwall, Karen has always been inspired in her daily life by her surroundings particularly the Cornish coast and landscape. On selling a  successful dental practice that she ran for 15 years along side her husband she rediscovered her passion for creativity. She went back into education undertaking a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Truro College where she was introduced to a myriad of new skills, surprising herself at completion with a distinction.

“I feel very lucky to find something that I am passionate about and thoroughly enjoy doing, and now to have the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious gallery with my work hanging amongst fine artists is both exhilarating and an honour ”

Her current work involves cyanotypes a photographic printing process that has been around for centuries. Using an iron salts solution, the medium is prepared in a dark room before exposing to UV light to create organic images with vivid prussian blue hues. Choosing to rely on sunlight to expose her images makes her working practice mindful with a sense anticipation and excitement as each image is created. Whilst walking her dogs in the creekside village she lives in, listening to the call of the curlews she gathers her daily inspiration from the hedgerows. Karens preferred medium to work with is muslin allowing her to manipulate texture and pattern within her final pieces, each print becoming an original monotype.