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Artist Profile

Alex Yarlett is an abstract expressive artist based in Falmouth, Cornwall. He grew up in Cornwall, and it is was here that he began to nurture a passion for Art; in particular drawing and painting the rugged Cornish Coastline. Alex went on to study  BA(Hons) Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design, with a focus upon mark-making, installation, print-making and paint. He apprenticed with renowned artist Paul Wadsworth during this time, and upon graduation began to focus his work once more upon the coastlines of Cornwall.

Through his work Alex seeks to engage with the emotion of his surroundings to convey the dynamic story of the day he has experienced. Within this process, Alex gains inspiration from nature on location through spontaneous painting and sketching, using a mixture of fast line work and slow  observational drawing in a range of materials. From his studio, Alex then slowly builds and blends layer upon layer of medium to evolve each piece into his unique, informed and emotive abstract expressive art.

“Capturing moments and emotions in my art is absolutely key to me. To create is to be vulnerable, to share something of yourself and your experience in a tangible way. Each painting becomes a time capsule of experience to treasure. Cezanne once said “Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realising one’s sensations.” Like Cezanne, I don’t seek to capture a realistic photographic image of what is in front of me; instead I encounter the raw moment by engaging  emotionally with my  environment and then translating this instant into a painted story. The layers of different medium and texture create this story, added to over and over again, with different elements of the painting exposed at different moments until an overall completed visual narrative is told for the viewer to experience.”Alex Yarlett