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Claire Henley

Mackerel and Lemons

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Image size: TBC
Framed size: w 64cm x h 64 x d 2 cm, slim line white wash wooden tray frame
Medium: Mixed media on deep edge canvas
Cornwall calls to me frequently and I never fail to get excited when I’ve got a trip planned – often in a car stuffed with paintings. Perhaps it’s the memories of childhood holidays, or the holidays we’ve had and still have with our own children, or a combination of the two that often make it a nostalgic experience.

There are always surprises in store and although I might feel I know a place well, each trip throws up something different. The weather might be startlingly good, or dramatically bad, the hedgerows and the wild flowers might look different or there might be a new food outlet to discover. My social media followers will know how important the latter is to me! The views are always changing, I never get bored, and I love it.