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Across to Bodmin Moor

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Image size: w 29 x h 21 cm

Frame size: w 49 x h 41 x d 3.5 cm, grey wooden frame, glazed

Medium: mixed media on board

"I am an plein air painter who creates semi-abstract landscapes inspired by the wild and open spaces found here in the South West. I am fascinated by the way light, weather and seasons play out upon this landscape and create dramatic changes in colour to the regions unique collection of flora and fauna. My paintings begin outdoors, where I work on large scale paper with inks and soft pastel. Each mark is a direct response to that particular moment. The strength of the wind, the colour of the grass, the geographic formations within the landscape in front of me. I work quickly and expressively, physically pouring, dripping and scraping the paint as I build up the layers. Back in the studio I add final pastel marks to bring contrast and definition to the final piece." Sam Boughton