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the light and The darkness

Paul Bennett's autumn solo exhibition

An introspective study featuring a exclusive new series of seascape and landscape oil paintings in Paul’s signature style, inspired by the wilds of Western Scotland and Skye, will be released at Padstow Gallery on 01/09/18. Please join our mailing list to receive priority viewing (link at bottom right of page).

Who is Paul Bennett? Q&A by Visit Cornwall 


A Thin Slice of time

Ruth Taylor's summer solo exhibition.

'These are paintings from the landscapes in my head. Without a thought for the result I squirt the paint directly on to the surface and let the images travel from heart to limb to brush. Sometimes the colour is turned up full volume and the marks exaggerated to create a fantastic/unrealistic picture but underneath is the structure of the English countryside and coastline which is the basis of everything I do.' Ruth Taylor


Official launch

Everything completed, polished and ready for a great 2018!