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Helena Emmans

I am an artist inspired by the beautiful Isle of Skye where I live. I grew up inEdinburgh. I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a B.A Hons from theEmbroidered and Woven Textiles Department and I moved to the Isle of Skye19 years ago. I live on Skye with my partner and our two children. I loveabsorbing and observing the beautiful ever changing island light.

My jewellery and silver spoons are inspired by the delicate qualities in nature.Sun bleached pebbles by the shoreline, gentle swaying grasses in the wind,simple buds, dandelion spores and stone erosion all influence my silver work.The organic shapes are characterised by little oxidised details. Each piece isunique, time-consuming and a labour of love.

My hand-dyed thread pieces are inspired by the beautiful land and seascapesthat surround me and, I hope, they capture their essence in a controlled andprecise technique. I carefully hand-dye my threads creating a personal paletteand very accurately wrap the threads around wood that I have found anddelicately shaped. It takes many many hours to create a thread-piece from start to finish and it's a discipline that requires patience and I love being absorbed in it.
I love to paint outside. I use a subtle palette, hoping to capture the mercurial weather, light and moods of the Isle of Skye. I like to portray the feeling of Skye through an intuitive response to the changing landscape and its colours. I often paint in the same places at different times of the day, watching the changing days and seasons. My style of painting is to capture the scene in a single session with no reworking. Rhythms, tides, seasons and shorelines infuse my work. Being within the landscape, feeling the elements while seeing my surroundings change, produces, I hope, the sense of the particular moment in all my work.