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Cornwall calls to me frequently and I never fail to get excited when I’ve got a trip planned – often in a car stuffed with paintings. Perhaps it’s the memories of childhood holidays, or the holidays we’ve had and still have with our own children, or a combination of the two that often make it a nostalgic experience.

There are always surprises in store and although I might feel I know a place well, each trip throws up something different. The weather might be startlingly good, or dramatically bad, the hedgerows and the wildflowers might look different or there might be a new food outlet to discover. My social media followers will know how important the latter is to me! The views are always changing, I never get bored, and I love it.

It was a joy to paint this collection of work for Padstow Gallery. I’ve painted my favourite places and deliberately left them empty of people because that is when Cornwall looks at its best. My latest trip to Padstow was mid-February and, after a rainy drive south, I was rewarded with unexpected bright sunshine and clear blue skies. Fortified with fish and chips I set off to walk to Hawkers Cove. The tide was the lowest I’ve ever seen it so it was beach all the way, and I saw a total of four people. It was good practise for the social isolation that was to come!

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